Alex Rodriguez

Alex Rodriguez. AROD. AROID. Cheater. ALEX! ALEX! ALEX. Whatever you want to refer to him as, you really can’t be blamed.

We all know the story, Alex Rodriguez was busted for using PED’s (performance enhancing drugs). He was suspended for all of the 2014 season because of it.

Then came the current 2015 season. What can we expect from Alex. An okay season, a subpar season, or a season where he hits his 24th HR on his 40th birthday, on July 27. Yes, that’s right, TWENTY FOUR HR’s for the now 40 year old. He is a big reason why the New York Yankees are an AL East best, 57-42. He’s batting .279 with 60RBI, to go along with the 24 bombs.

It’s without question that he certainly isn’t cheating this season, so why aren’t people ready to forgive him? I understand that no one likes a cheater, but Rodriguez has done nothing but say and act the right way in 2015. Maybe I forgave him because I am a Yankees fan, or maybe I just forgave him just to forgive him.

Also. it is without question that Alex should have been an American League All-Star. Whether he was voted in by the fans or the AL manager, Ned Yost, the manager for the World Series threat Royals.

Keep doing you, Alex, and nothing would say, “take that, haters” more than bringing the Yankees championship number 28.



Better Sport: Football, Basketball or Baseball

We just can’t go wrong with sports. Whether it is football, basketball or baseball. No disrespect to soccer, tennis, hockey or other sports; they just aren’ t on the same level as the first three I listed, in my opinion.

To start things off, my favorite sport is football, with basketball a close second, followed by baseball.

Just the excitement that both, professional and college football brings, is just unmatched. Every weekend is something new and fun.

Too look at the NFL first, we all know that the Seahawks, Patriots, Packers, Broncos, Ravens and the fast emerging Colts will most likely be in the 2015 NFL Playoffs. But, there is always 1 or 2 teams that come out of the blue and surprise the league.

In College Football, there are like 20+ legit teams that can win the National Championship any season. Then comes the 5-10 teams that come and surprise the nation.

With the NBA, it is pretty much the same teams that are competing for the Larry O’Brien trophy: Spurs, Cavs, Warriors, Heat, Clippers and a few others.

MLB hands down has the better playoffs year in and year out, in my opinion. I guess the season being so long kind of makes it lose points in this.

In the MLB, it’s a new team every season  it seems like. Take a look at the Kansas City Royals, they were 1 win away from winning the World Series, after being  a no show in the playoffs in the previous couple of seasons.

To recap, I think that football is the best sport, and is definitely my favorite.


Should Fans Be Allowed To Vote Player’s into All-Star Games?

Fan voting is something that has been added into sports the last couple of seasons. The NBA, NFL and MLB allows fans to vote players into All-Star games. This is a good thing, but also could be an unfair thing. I will discuss the pros and cons of All-Star fan voting; starting with the positives.

Who wouldn’t want to see players from his/her favorite team not be in the All-Star game? Didn’t think so.

What Yankees fan wants to see a Red Sox player having an incredible season start for the American League? Well, I would not.

Having fans vote players into the All-Star game was a smart thing to add to the game. It makes sports even more fun.  Allowing fans the option to vote let’s us decide who we want to see start in the All-Star game. It also allows us to be able to not vote for someone deserving.

I like the idea of allowing fans to vote, but I think that it should ultimately be up to the players in the league to vote.

For example, the Baltimore Ravens and the Pittsburgh Steelers are hated NFL rivals and do not like each other. But, Joe Flacco, QB for the Ravens, had a remarkable season throwing for 4,500 yards and 40TD’s. Those numbers are certainly Pro Bowl(NFL All-Star game) worthy.

He doesn’t get voted in, but instead Ben Roethlisberger, QB for the Steelers, gets voted in because Steelers fans’ voted for him millions of times, although he had a pedestrian season.

The point of this blog is to say this: Sports leagues allowing fans to vote was and is a great idea, but shouldn’t be factored in heavily at all.