Dwyane Wade, Heat Agree to New, One-Year Contract

And a sigh of relief is heard by the Miami Heat fans across the world, including myself. It is almost a guarantee that every Miami Heat fan is a fan because of Dwyane Wade, unless you have lived longer, and have been a fan since before 2003, the year Wade was drafted 5th overall by the Miami Heat.

Dwyane has done a lot for this organization, such as winning the Heat’s first NBA Championship in 2006, and winning 2 more in 2012 and 2013.

He was also the main reason LeBron James took his talents to South Beach, along with Chris Bosh.

The personality and character that Wade has is very hard to find in a player, so NBA front offices need to keep and appreciate a player that has those qualities.

For someone with an impressive resume as Wade, he has never been the highest paid player on the team. But now it is time for Dwyane Wade to get the money he wants AND deserves.

Dwyane Wade opted out of the final year of his $16.1 million dollar contract to test the NBA free agent market-something that sent Heat fans into shock and into question.

Wade can’t leave Miami, right? Where else would he want to play? What happened to the “Heat Lyfer” slogan? More and more questions piled up. This led to twitter users, such as myself, to tweet Miami Heat/NBA beat writers question upon question about Dwyane Wade. It also led to Miami Heat Center, Hassan Whiteside, saying that he is not answering anymore questions about Wade’s free agency: “Man if another person ask me if d wade staying in Miami I’m going to lose it! I DONT KNOW!!! I just catch LOBS from the man..”

As each day passes without a word from Wade, the stress level in Heat fans continues to rise.

Then came July 2nd. It’s reported that Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat agree to a one year contact worth $20M.

Heat fans across the world exhale, until next July when Pat Riley, Dwyane Wade, and the Heat fans have to go through this again.dwadefinals


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